Italy - Digital Stone Project

Summer 2016

Panorama Distortion

Spring 2016

Mushi: Sculptures

Spring 2016


Fall 2015 - Spring 2016

Mushi: Distortions

Spring 2015 - Fall 2015

Image Sculptures

Spring 2015 - Fall 2015

Family Tree

Fall 2015

All Day Shade

Fall 2015

3D Objects with 2D Properties

Spring 2015 - Fall 2015

Mushi: Self-Painting

Fall 2014 - Spring 2015

2D Animated Puppets

Fall 2014

Interactive HTML5

Fall 2012 - Spring 2014

Digital Brushstrokes

Fall 2012 - Spring 2014

HTML5 Vector Animation

Fall 2012 - Fall 2013

About Me

I graduated with a BA in Art History with minors in Art Studio and Japanese from the University of Kentucky in 2012, and with an MA in New Media Studio from East Tennessee State University in 2014. Currently, I am living in Tempe, AZ, where I am working to receive a PhD in Media Arts and Sciences from Arizona State University. In my work, I explore the intersection of art and technology by combining computer programming and traditional artistic techniques.

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