Jennifer Weiler


UX design: project portfolio

Academic research: documentation of project contributions

Teaching: examples of student work


Doctoral Dissertation

Beyond Plastic Filament: An Exploration of 3D Printing as a Part of Creative Practices

Crafting 3D Models

Lithobox Instructible

Lithobox: Creative Practice at the Intersection of Craft and Technology (TEI Arts Track)

Lithobox: custom shape 3D printed lithophanes

Freehand Drawing Process

A Rough Sketch of the Freehand Drawing Process (CHI paper)

Tracking, animating, and 3D printing the freehand drawing process

Turning sketches into 3D models

Growing and Shaping Organic Materials

Mycelium Artifacts: Exploring Shapeable and Accessible Biofabrication (DIS demo)

Creating detailed textures with grown mycelium

Culinary Research

3D print-based silicone mold culinary study

3D designed molds for baking and freezing

Melting materials for mold making

Climate Change and Heat

Designing for bottom-up adaptation to extreme heat (ISEA paper)

Designing for extreme heat

Mitigating the impact of pollution on Phoenix residents (Comprehensive exam)

Creative Practice


Creating with Code: A Fun Exploration of Computer-Generated Images and Machine Learning

Lost Time

The Citric Arc


3D data visualization of sea ice extent for polar seas (marble)

The speculative object: site in an asynchronic age

Directly casting complex 3D prints into metal

Methods for casting 3D models in glass and metal

Visualizing genetic variations as 3D models

Digital stone project: machine carving marble (blog)

Generating 3D Models

Programmatically generated objects - digital renderings

Generating vases from raster images

Generating digital fabric

Mushi: sculptures


Perspective-oriented image sculptures

Coding explorations in 3D objects with 2D properties

Warping 2D Images

3D fabric models constructed from warped 2D images

DIY method for adding surface detail to 3D prints (CHI WiP)

Programmatically Generated Animation

Mushi: distortions

Animations visualizing means for all day shade

Family tree

Mushi: self-painting

2D animated puppets

Interactive HTML5

Digital brushstrokes

HTML5 vector animation


Sarasota mural

Digital art portfolio

Making stamps using fablab technology